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I want to talk about blah, particularly the winter blah. I am right smack in it and it's not very exciting. I am very affected by the cold, dark and dreary or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The illnesses, which we've already had 5 weeks of and really hoping that's it, constantly staying in. This winter hasn't had a lot of snow and I really enjoyed that, but it was still winter. Still too cold to garden, to sit out in the sunshine. I am a summer girl all the way, even when it's hot I prefer it over this dreary cold.

What does this have to do with art, well it means that I feel the blah in everything. I have home projects I want to do, but can't get myself to do them. Everything I AM doing feels like a major ordeal and I hate that. When you feel blah, it's really hard to get myself down to my studio to work. I feel SO much better when I do, it's the making myself do the work.

Because I knew I had been struggling I pushed myself to complete a painting that had been sitting out for a month. It felt so good to get in there and to get it done. However, once I was finished it felt like I didn't have any inspiration to do anything else. That wasn't going to cut it for an excuse this time. I wanted to find a way to bring color in, but also match the blah. My blue plate was a perfect subject! Any you know, I loved it. It had to be a quick still life before the eggs were no longer recognizable. I pushed myself and I found the fun once again. I still feel blah with so many other things, but I don't when I paint. What a blessing art is in my life.

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