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Finding Beauty

This cream pot was sitting on my granite counter top with the light streaming on it for days. I would do my dishes and leave the pot. I knew it was my ten year old who last used it. She loves to pretend she is fancy and drink chocolate milk out of a cup and saucer and use this little cream pot to pour it. It was really sweet sitting on there knowing why it was out. The more the days went by where I stared at it, the more I knew I couldn't wash it until I painted it.

That is often how it is with me as an artist. The journey has become a quest to find beauty in whatever way that may be. Life is a challenge and sometimes it is feels like it is too much sometimes. As an art teacher I often tell my students that art is learning how to see. I typically mean this from a technical side, but it is often how we find meaning in our lives as well. It's all about what we learn to see. I can choose to find beauty in my life and my surroundings.

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