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Everything is Art

For years I was one of those artists who truly thought art was about feeling my muse and waiting for the inspiration to find me before I could work on art. But my progress was so much slower with this false belief of needing inspiration to strike before I can show up and work. Changing this belief has helped me grow as an artist when I realized that the most important thing was to choose inspiration and seize it for myself. I still have grand ideas for beautiful masterpieces, but I don't get there by wondering how I'll get there. I have to find art in everything and to simply paint.

Am I where I want to be or hope to be? Definitely not. But am I much closer than I was before? Oh yes! Nothing is perfect and that's okay. I am learning to love the phrase "progress is better than perfect". As a recovering perfectionist this is so very true. Perfection used to paralyze me into not doing anything. And now I find there is no shortage of "inspiration" and subjects to paint. The only shortage that is absolutely real is time. And even that I am learning is what we make of it by our choices.

This jar is an example of finding anything to stretch my skills. Painting glass is such a marvelous challenge and something I know I want to improve on. So don't wait for inspiration. Go out there and grab it! Just do the work and the inspiration will be there.

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