Finding Fun

I want to talk about blah, particularly the winter blah. I am right smack in it and it's not very exciting. I am very affected by the cold, dark and dreary or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The illnesses, which we've already had 5 weeks of and really hoping that's it, constantly staying in. This winter hasn't had a lot of snow and I really enjoyed that, but it was still winter. Still too cold to garden, to sit out in the sunshine. I am a summer girl all the way, even when it's hot I prefer it over this dreary cold. What does this have to do with art, well it means that I feel the blah in everything. I have home projects I want to do, but can't get myself to do them. Everything I AM doing

When Creativity Stalls

Sometimes my creativity can stall when life gets stressful. If you have kids you know that at some point in the year they will get sick and the unlucky times will have them all taking turns for four to six weeks. At least that is what happened this year in our house. We also had extended family health struggles that meant that my creativity took a backseat to survival mode. This painting happened long before this stall in creativity, but it is an example of having something to work on. It's not a masterpiece and nothing major and that's okay. I try to have more than one painting like this to work on so I can come back to it when creativity is a struggle. When I am working on inspiration and


It's time to loosen up and get a little more whimsy and fun in here. There was a time I really loved frogs. I mentioned that green is my favorite color. Not sure if that happened because I loved frogs or I loved frogs because they were green. Either way I collected quite a few of them, a couple real ones, most not. I had stuffed frogs, Kermit the Frog, ceramic frogs brought back from my sister who lived in China. I had a real one that used to hop from my finger to my nose. And then when I went out of town my younger sister sprayed him with perfume and he died. To be fair she thought he smelled because no one would clean out his bowl. My brother also had a toad that I rode my bike with while

Looking Back

I found some of my old sketches in my studio the other day. It was nice to see some of the good things I have done, but it was even better to see the bad and know that I've improved. There is a lot of old work and sometimes I feel like just tossing it. However, when I look back it's like reading a journal of what I was interested in drawing or painting. I am not very good about keeping a journal so my work is a great way to reflect on my years of art. The two drawings that stood out the most were my eyes. Some of them weren't so bad and others... could use some help. I know I haven't changed a lot when it comes to eyes. They are still my most favorite to capture. They are all so different an

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