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It's time to loosen up and get a little more whimsy and fun in here. There was a time I really loved frogs. I mentioned that green is my favorite color. Not sure if that happened because I loved frogs or I loved frogs because they were green. Either way I collected quite a few of them, a couple real ones, most not. I had stuffed frogs, Kermit the Frog, ceramic frogs brought back from my sister who lived in China. I had a real one that used to hop from my finger to my nose. And then when I went out of town my younger sister sprayed him with perfume and he died. To be fair she thought he smelled because no one would clean out his bowl. My brother also had a toad that I rode my bike with while holding him in my hand or my pocket. That is before the cat got him. Poor toad.

My friends and family helped feed my obsession especially for Christmas and birthdays. Over the years it's been a little embarrassing that my personal email has the word ribbit in it. Yes, I am the meme that talks about choosing an email when you are twelve and keeping it for years.

Most of my frogs I didn't end up keeping, though who could ever give away Kermie? I saved two ceramic frogs from an aunt that passed away and of course I have some frog drawings and paintings. I have always known I have wanted to be an artist of realism. I love impressionism and many abstract works of art, but I knew that I would always want to get better and better at painting things as close as they really are. Painting and drawing frogs really helped me get started on this road.

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