I painted these tomatoes during a time of my life where I was trying desperately to be consistent in my art. I had had my third baby, dealing with post-partum depression and I needed consistency so much and it just wasn't there. I thought if there was one place I could add it back in would be in art. I saw all these examples of artists who did daily work and thought I could make this very difficult time in my life feel a little bit better if I did something every day as well. I drew pictures of my kids, I drew the flowers my husband brought home to make me feel better and I painted food. I didn't paint food like I do now. I paint it now because I am stretching myself as an artist or because

Do Something

I'll be honest, I'm not sure what to write about for this week. It's pretty fitting with how I have been feeling in my work. I am in the middle of four pieces currently and learning something new from each one. But I am feeling stuck because the series I most want to work on is going to be harder to accomplish. It will require a lot more time and thought before I ever get to the process of painting. This isn't the first time I have been here. I find that I benefit from doing something, anything that relates to art. I will organize my studio, keep up my painting skills with a lot of practice work and focus on the marketing side. It's sometimes not the most fun part. I know what I would rather

Resolutions and Goals

I don't know about you, but I love resolutions. The new year is so exciting to me as I think about what goals I want to make. It's interesting because I have read articles and heard others say resolutions aren't effective or don't help people make lasting change. I do agree that the idea of a new year being the only time to make goals or work towards change isn't effective for lasting progress. However, I feel that writing goals down is so much better than merely wishing for things to be better the next year. The only way they really will be is if we make those goals. I have found for me the goals that make the most impact in my life are ones that can make small changes over the course of ea

Everything is Art

For years I was one of those artists who truly thought art was about feeling my muse and waiting for the inspiration to find me before I could work on art. But my progress was so much slower with this false belief of needing inspiration to strike before I can show up and work. Changing this belief has helped me grow as an artist when I realized that the most important thing was to choose inspiration and seize it for myself. I still have grand ideas for beautiful masterpieces, but I don't get there by wondering how I'll get there. I have to find art in everything and to simply paint. Am I where I want to be or hope to be? Definitely not. But am I much closer than I was before? Oh yes! Nothing

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