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Jessica Michaelson

I am inspired by classical art and have loved the work of John Singer Sargent. What impresses me the most about his work is his technical mastery that is present in each medium. Working in more than one medium has always been appealing to me as an artist who is in continuous study and growth in technical skill.


For over twenty-five years I have studied with private instruction from wonderful artists with different focuses. With this education my skills in each medium are strong and have allowed me as a part time art instructor to pass this knowledge on to my students. Also working as an art assistant for a successful artist in my younger years greatly contributed to my real-world education.


I spent over ten years studying watercolor and ten years prior to that working in graphite, colored pencil and charcoal. In the last five years my focus has shifted to strengthening my drawing and working in the classical style of oil painting. 


My philosophy in regards to a work of art is that it shouldn’t have to try so hard to be understood. While I can enjoy a piece for being visually  appealing, I feel the explanation shouldn’t be what drives the connection. Art should communicate across all barriers and I love work that conveys beauty out of the ordinary. I am striving to show that narrative in an object, a moment or in our roles as people.

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