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Looking Back

I found some of my old sketches in my studio the other day. It was nice to see some of the good things I have done, but it was even better to see the bad and know that I've improved. There is a lot of old work and sometimes I feel like just tossing it. However, when I look back it's like reading a journal of what I was interested in drawing or painting. I am not very good about keeping a journal so my work is a great way to reflect on my years of art.

The two drawings that stood out the most were my eyes. Some of them weren't so bad and others... could use some help. I know I haven't changed a lot when it comes to eyes. They are still my most favorite to capture. They are all so different and they say so much about a person. I know there is the cliche about them being the window to the soul, but it's so very true. Oh and these old sketches cause me to itch to do more graphite work.

What are your favorite things to sketch? Or what do you feel connects you the most to people?

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