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When Creativity Stalls

Sometimes my creativity can stall when life gets stressful. If you have kids you know that at some point in the year they will get sick and the unlucky times will have them all taking turns for four to six weeks. At least that is what happened this year in our house. We also had extended family health struggles that meant that my creativity took a backseat to survival mode.

This painting happened long before this stall in creativity, but it is an example of having something to work on. It's not a masterpiece and nothing major and that's okay. I try to have more than one painting like this to work on so I can come back to it when creativity is a struggle. When I am working on inspiration and my larger projects and life gets in the way, I have to pause and wait for things to calm down to get back to it. But smaller works like this feel more like piano scales and can be done even when creativity and inspiration are on hold.

The best part about these smaller works is when I only have ten or fifteen minutes to give, it's enough.

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